Your November Newsletter for All Things BitPay and Crypto

Welcome to our monthly newsletter! Get ready for some exciting updates from our team at BitPay, including new merchants joining the world of cryptocurrency. Let’s dive into this month’s highlights! In This Issue: BitPay in the News Check out the latest news from BitPay this month: BitPay is recognized as one of the most …

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What’s Behind the Recently Renewed Interest in Solana?

Solana, the Web3 chain known for its high-speed and scalability, is witnessing a remarkable resurgence in interest, marked by a significant uptick in its Total Value Locked (TVL) and active user base. Despite previous setbacks linked to the FTX exchange bankruptcy and ongoing market volatility, Solana’s recent performance indicates a significant turnaround. Solana Price …

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Big Ticket Items You Can Buy with Crypto

The Important BitsPurchasing high-value items like cars, real estate, electronics, vacations, furniture, jewelry, art, and collectibles with cryptocurrency is increasingly accessible and convenient through services like BitPay. BitPay facilitates direct crypto payments for these items, offers a crypto bill payment service, and provides a crypto card for easy transactions, supporting a wide range of …

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The Market’s Compass Developed Markets Country ETF Study

As Thanksgiving approaches, I want to thank subscribers for their continued support. In the spirit of the holiday all levels of subscribers will be sent this week’s Developed Markets Country ETF Study to their emails. The Markets Compass encourages free subscribers who only receive limited analysis to take advantage of complete content offered at …

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Bitfinex Alpha | BTC Consolidating as Economy Shows Signs of Stabilisation

In contrast to the rally currently being seen in the altcoin market, Bitcoin is in a phase of consolidation and uncertainty, with the price ranging amidst fears of an extended pullback.  Last week, BTC made a second attempt to break through $38,000, but the momentum was short-lived, as heavy profit-taking was seen in both …

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🔴 Fake Tweet Shocks Market | This Week in Crypto – Nov 20, 2023

The post 🔴 Fake Tweet Shocks Market | This Week in Crypto – Nov 20, 2023 appeared first on 99 Bitcoins. A stablecoin invests into crypto mining, a fake tweet moves markets again, and a Binance … 🔴 Fake Tweet Shocks Market | This Week in Crypto – Nov 20, 2023 Read More »

The Market’s Compass Crypto Sweet Sixteen Study

Welcome to this week’s publication of the Market’s Compass Crypto Sweet Sixteen Study #111. The Study tracks the technical condition of sixteen of the larger market cap cryptocurrencies. Every week the Studies will highlight the technical changes of the 16 cryptocurrencies that I track as well as individual highlights on noteworthy moves in certain …

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Binance’s CZ, Ethereum’s Buterin Headline Top Crypto Social Media Personalities

Key Takeaways CoinLedger’s study ranks the top 10 crypto entrepreneurs based on their social media influence, with CZ, Buterin, and Dorsey leading. The ranking combines CryptoWeekly’s most influential people in crypto for 2023 with their social media followings. Despite his involvement in the FTX scandal, SBF still holds a significant social media presence, ranking …

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Binance Nears $4 Billion Settlement with US Justice Department

Key Takeaways The US Justice Department is negotiating a possible $4 billion settlement with Binance over legal violations. Binance CEO CZ faces potential criminal charges related to allegations of money laundering and bank fraud. The proposed settlement includes a deferred prosecution agreement with specific compliance and monitoring conditions.

Spend Your Crypto Black Friday & Cyber Monday Deals

There’s only one thing better than merchants accepting Bitcoin…merchants who accept Bitcoin AND have killer Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals. 2023 Black Friday & Cyber Monday Deals Dallas Mavericks Enjoy up to 35% off on regular items including team gear and accessories. Shop with crypto at Dallas Mavs Shop HOSTKEY Get up to …

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