Analyst Says ‘Bitcoin Price Correction Is Over’ – What’s Next?

The tides seem to be turning in favor of the Bitcoin price, as the market leader has reclaimed the $42,000 level for the second time in as many days. According to data from CoinGecko, the premier cryptocurrency has managed to register a 1.1% profit on the weekly timeframe. 

While Bitcoin appears to be garnering positive momentum at the moment, outflows from the Grayscale BTC ETF (GBTC) continue to brew fear of continued bearish pressure in the hearts of investors. However, a prominent crypto analyst has offered insights into the flagship coin’s recent movement, claiming that the price correction is over.

BTC Price To Make Another Run At $48,000?

In his latest video on YouTube, crypto pundit and analyst Michael van de Poppe declared that he believes that the Bitcoin price correction is over for now. The premier cryptocurrency experienced an almost 10% price decline after notching a multi-month high at around $49,000 on January 11, the day Bitcoin spot ETFs started trading in the United States.

While the general belief is that this price dip is connected to investors cashing out their shares in the Grayscale Bitcoin Trust, van de Poppe claims that it is only one of the negative events that enter the spotlight when the market is going through a correction. The analyst also highlighted the recent news of Mt. Gox paying out approximately 200,000 BTC to its past clients as another such incident.

However, with the selling pressure somewhat dampening, de Poppe speculated that the Bitcoin price might have one more run to $48,000 before the halving event. While acknowledging that the Bitcoin halving is a bullish event, the analyst doesn’t believe there would be a significant price rally prior to it.

In line with his analysis, Michael van de Poppe expects the Bitcoin price action to be within a range of $37,000 – 48,000 over the coming months. The crypto analyst anticipates that the altcoins will go on a positive run during this period.

Finally, van de Poppe mentioned that a trip down to $30,000 is not completely off the cards for the market leader, echoing recent bearish predictions. However, the pundit believes the odds of a $30,000 retest are low, as the crypto market rarely moves in the crowd’s direction.

Bitcoin Price Update

As of this writing, the Bitcoin price stands at $42,124, reflecting a mere 0.7% increase in the past day. With a market capitalization of over $826 billion, BTC maintains its position as the largest cryptocurrency in the sector.

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