Bitfinex Pay – Release V0.6

The Bitfinex Pay Merchant Dashboard is an internal tool designed to provide our Merchants with powerful reports and features to manage their Merchant crypto gateway.

We’re pleased to share the latest updates to Bitfinex Pay. For more on Bitfinex Pay, please refer to

Merchant Dashboard


Point of Sale (POS) feature has been added. Now, merchants can request this feature to be enabled in order to generate invoices from any device (desktop, laptop, mobile, tablet) from a new Bitfinex Pay POS web app, allowing merchants to accept payments in physical stores. This is a Pro feature, so only merchants with Bitfinex Pay Pro plan will be able to use it. If you are interested in upgrading to Bitfinex Pay Pro, contact us at


Invoice payment notifications on the Dashboard are now redirected to the corresponding invoice details on click. These notifications can be enabled in the Settings menuMinor UI improvements in the manual invoice generator modalMinor copy improvements in the quick stats section in the Overview menu


Fixed an issue causing partially paid invoices to not allow refunds. Partially paid invoices can now be refundedFixed an error causing some main menu elements on the left not to take the user to the main menu when clicked

End Customer Payment Flow


Added a button to reset the rate calculation of the price manually

Demo Dashboard


Fixed an issue causing date filters to not work in the Demo Dashboard

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