Crypto analyst predicts XRP’s lowest value against Bitcoin

Max Keiser, a crypto market analyst, has boldly said that XRP has every possible chance of going zero against Bitcoin. He has based that on the grounds that XRP does not have any strong fundamentals. The Ripple community is obviously not split; most of them continue to back XRP while others remain undeterred, indirectly keeping their holdings strong.

They have joined hands to understand this backlash since nothing was quoted against Bitcoin. Per Max’s statement, he referred to XRP as centralized garbage, adding that the token is mathematically guaranteed to exchange hands at zero valuation. As a matter of fact, Max has predicted that the day is not far when the token drops to $0.01. For reference, XRP is currently being traded at $0.5119, with a slip of 0.51% in the last 24 hours and 9.57% in the last 7 days.

That could be due to the prevailing market crash, which has been defined as a price correction. Also, Keiser has said that there is a reason why the US SEC wants XRP dead. This pertains to the ongoing legal battle between the Commission and Ripple, where a win for Ripple might pave the way for XRP ETF applications. The risk of owning Max XRP against its rewards should not attract any capital from users.

One reason their statements pinch the community is that they remain focused solely on demeaning the token. Max has hailed BTC as the only true decentralized commodity. That same commodity is dancing around $40,000 as the article is being drafted. That is a drop from the $47,000 that BTC momentarily achieved after 11 Bitcoin ETF applications were approved. Moreover, it is lower than the ATH of ~$65,000.

There is no doubt that BTC is poised to surpass those milestones, but demeaning other tokens with a sole focus on them must be avoided.

One hypothesis suggests that the criticism directed at XRP is attributable to Ripple’s CEO, Brad Garlinghouse. At one point, he attempted to devalue DOGE through a comparison to the Zimbabwean Ringgit. At the time, Brad had also stated during a panel discussion at the World Economic Forum that DOGE offered no practical utility. Additionally, Garlinghouse has predicted that XRP will soon displace Bitcoin as the dominant cryptocurrency.

Simply put, Max Keiser has come out against XRP and called BTC the only truly decentralized token. It is unsure why Max has said that, but many speculate that it is widely in response to the way Brad Garlinghouse reacted to DOGE at WEF. Plus, Brad holds his statement true, wherein he has said that XRP could soon be a close contest to BTC.

XRP and BTC both remain volatile as of now. The tides have not changed despite the approval of Bitcoin ETF applications. If anything, tokens have only put up broken records in the last 7 days.

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