HA! Thomas Massie Goes Full SASSY on Elizabeth Warren for Pushing Americans to Let the IRS Do Their Taxes – Twitchy

It’s not every day you see Thomas Massie drop Elizabeth Warren on her lying head so when this crossed our timeline you KNOW we had to snag it. Especially since she’s attacking TurboTax because she wants Americans to let the IRS do their taxes for them.

No, really.

Look at this hot mess: 

It’s like the chickens ASKING the colonel to help fry ’em up.

The fact she doesn’t get this is … hilarious and sad, all in one.

Enter Thomas Massie:


He’s right.

This is also what Democrats do. They like to break things, make things worse, and then take credit when trying to somehow fix them by taxing us more or you know, conning us into allowing the IRS to do our taxes for us.



Love this idea – how do we make that happen? 

Then EVERYONE is paying their fair share, right Dems?



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