How to shop for a TV

Big box stores, warehouse stores (Costco, Sam’s Club, BJs Warehouse) and specialty retailers offer a wide selection of the top brands. Or you could try an independent electronics store if you need extra help and guidance, Rosenberg says. Look for a retailer with excellent customer support and a good return policy. Costco, for example, has a liberal return policy and offers extended warranties on many models, he adds. Or you can shop online, which can be particularly helpful if you’re in the market for a 75-inch flat screen that won’t easily fit in your small car.

Prices vary by brand, features and size, but you do usually get what you pay for, so if your budget allows, it’s not a bad idea to spend a little more on a higher-quality model. Experts say sales pop up year-round, and it pays to comparison shop. A 55-to 65-inch 4K TV made by a major brand, such as Samsung, LG, Sony, Vizio or Hisense, runs $350 to $1,000, Yokota-Llewellyn says. Anything less than $300 is going to be small (less than 55 inches) or lower quality. And remember to see if your credit card has a program offering an extended warranty and/or purchase protection.

“Don’t overthink it. At the end of the day, more TVs are similar than not,” Rosenberg says. “Find the right resolution, refresh rate, right size and reputable brand for the right price and you’ll be okay.”

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