Sydney Sweeney Got Caught in the Spider-Style Web Too

Is web dressing going to be a trend this spring? A heightened kind of mesh?

Sweeney completed the look with a black widow manicure, dark rings by Fred Leighton (one of which is in the shape of an eight-legged creepy crawler), and voluminous, bouncy blonde waves. Her Armani Beauty makeup is natural and light, perfect for the fresh-faced beauty’s girl-next-door side.

Steven Simione

The gown might actually be more comfortable than her costume. In an interview with ScreenRant, Sweeney revealed that she limbered up for the role…but her Spidey-suit didn’t.

“I would just practice every day trying to get into the splits, moving from upside down and turning myself completely onto my feet,” she said. “And what was crazy to me was you learn this entire process, and then you put the supersuit on and then your body can’t move.”

Sydney Sweeney’s on a bit of a hot streak: Her rom-com Anyone but You keeps making money, enough that she and costar Glen Powell are kicking around sequel ideas.

“I can’t actually reveal all of my secrets, but Glen and I—I mean I was talking to him this morning. We’re talking about stuff,” she hinted to reporters at the premiere. “You never know; you’ll have to wait and see.”

Okay, but Johnson can see the future, right? So can she tell us?

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