Taylor Swift Begins Mad Dash to Super Bowl LVIII to See Travis Kelce Play

With Taylor Swift’s final show in Tokyo coming to an end on Saturday, all that’s left to do is run.

The superstar was rushed to Haneda Airport where her private jet waited for her, but it “wasn’t immediately clear” if her plane had taken off, the AP reported.

She will have to make her way approximately 5,530 miles across the globe to Las Vegas, Nevada—with almost everyone speculating whether she will make it to the Super Bowl on time to see her boyfriend, Travis Kelce play on Sunday. While the tight-end for the Kansas City Chiefs will certainly be there, Swift’s team has made no comment about her travel plans.

For once, it’d be kind of nice if someone was tracking Swift’s plane. Earlier this week, it was reported that the singer’s lawyers had threatened legal action against a college student who was doing just that. Swift has been criticized for her astoundingly high carbon footprint, mostly stemming from her use of her private jets, one of which she recently sold. Swift’s unease at being tracked might serve to explain the lack of official information about her flight.

USA Today predicted that Swift would depart Tokyo at 10:30 p.m., which is around 5:30 a.m. Las Vegas time. If the superstar departed on time, she is expected to arrive in Las Vegas sometime this evening.

Last week, the Japanese Embassy issued a statement explaining that it’d be entirely possible for Swift to depart from Japan on Saturday night after her concert, and “comfortably” arrive in Las Vegas with enough time to see Kelce play. In fact, because of the time change, in U.S. time Swift will arrive nearly five hours before she departs in Tokyo.

“This week is truly the best kind of chaos,” Swift wrote in an Instagram post on Wednesday.

Yes Taylor, but all of the uncertainty is giving some of us heartburn.

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