Travis Kelce shoves Andy Reid, screams at him in wild Super Bowl moment

The Super Bowl can lead to some wild moments, but nobody had Travis Kelce shoving and screaming at Andy Reid on their bingo card.

This came following the most up-and-down sequence of the Super Bowl for the Chiefs. Kelce felt he was open and was calling for the ball before Patrick Mahomes took a deep shot to Mecole Hardman, which was complete. At this point Reid took Kelce out of the game for the ensuing play, which ended up being a critical fumble by Isiah Pacheco, which took the wind out of the Chiefs’ sails.

Kelce was furious he wasn’t in the game on the play, seemingly believing he could have had some sort of impact on the fumble — or had the play called for him, rather than running the ball in the end zone.

Andy Reid addressed the situation after the game, saying Kelce caught him a little off balance.

It’s impossible to understate how out of character this was for Kelce. He never, ever has beef with Reid no matter how much pressure Kansas City is under — but this is especially bizarre considering it was a 0-3 game in the first half.

Emotion boils over at times like this, but still this was wholly bizarre. But all’s well that ends well, and it definitely ended well for the Kelce, Reid, and the Chiefs.

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