WalkScape, the RPG that gamifies walking, has scored a licensing deal with Jagex

  • The game is currently in closed beta
  • The team hope to enter open testing by the end of the year
  • A licensing deal with Jagex means they can use the RuneScape name in marketing material

Back in September last year, I covered WalkScape, an RPG inspired by RuneScape that aims to gamify walking without needing to use GPS. During the recent Pocket Gamer Connects London event, I ran into the developer again, and there have been quite a few exciting developments since we first met.

On January 18th, WalkScape entered a closed beta, allowing people to hit the streets and start completing missions by hitting their daily step count. If that’s something you’re interested in getting involved with, head over to the official website for all the details of how to get involved.


Currently, 10k people have signed up, giving the game a healthy player base before the official release, which is likely still quite a way off. The current plan is to continue in the closed beta test before switching to open testing before the end of the year. If you’re really sold on the whole gamified walking without GPS idea, you can get guaranteed access by supporting the developers on Patreon or Buy Me a Coffee.

Aside from the closed beta test, the developer has also reached a licensing agreement with Jagex, the creators of WalkScape’s biggest inspiration, RuneScape. This means the team are free to use the MMORPG’s name in marketing material and reference it in-game. While they can’t use anything beyond that, it must be a nice feeling to have your inspiration effectively giving you their blessing.

If you missed my original article, the idea of WalkScape is to get you outside, racking up your daily step count. Then, after returning home, you can sift through all the resources, chests and random encounters your real-world wondering has gathered.

It looks to be shaping up nicely, and I can definitely see the appeal. The ability to keep your phone in your pocket and still progress is great for safety and ensuring we appreciate the sights around our local neighbourhoods.

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