Where Can I Spend Dogecoin? How to Pay with DOGE

You hodl’d, watched DOGE go to the moon and now want to buy stuff with Dogecoin. Today is your day. We’ve compiled a whole guide on who accepts Dogecoin and what you can buy.

The DOGE Story: From Moon to Mainstream

What started as a joke has become one of the most popular cryptocurrencies. Thanks to its fervent community, Dogecoin has gained mainstream adoption and continues to build its notoriety. Support from major companies and high profile enthusiasts like Elon Musk help, too. With the help of crypto cards, P2P payments, gift cards and online shopping, you can use Dogecoin to buy practically anything these days.

What can I buy with Dogecoin?

Dogecoin, the cryptocurrency that started as a joke, has now evolved into a widely accepted payment method. With its increasing popularity, you can use Dogecoin to buy a diverse range of products and services. Here’s what you can indulge in with Dogecoin:

Gold & Jewelry – Add a sparkle to your life by purchasing exquisite gold, diamonds, and jewelry pieces with Dogecoin. Whether it’s for investment or adornment, Dogecoin makes it easy.Cars – Dreaming of a new ride? Select dealerships now accept Dogecoin, allowing you to purchase your next vehicle with this innovative currency.Electronics – From the latest smartphones to high-end laptops, use Dogecoin to buy your electronic essentials and gadgets.Donations – Make a difference by donating Dogecoin to a variety of charitable causes and nonprofit organizations.Real Estate – Step into the future of property transactions by buying real estate with Dogecoin. From urban apartments to rural homes, the possibilities are expanding.Clothes and Fashion – Stay in vogue by shopping for the latest fashion trends with Dogecoin. Various fashion outlets are now opening their doors to this digital currency.Food – Satisfy your culinary cravings by paying with Dogecoin at select restaurants and food delivery services.Travel, Plane Tickets, and Stays – Plan your next getaway and book flights, hotels, and holiday packages using Dogecoin. Travel the world with the ease of crypto payments.Gaming and Entertainment – Purchase video games, movie tickets, and other entertainment options with Dogecoin. It’s the fun way to spend your digital coins.Professional Services – Whether it’s legal advice, marketing services, or tech support, more professionals are accepting Dogecoin as payment for their expertise.

Dogecoin is not just a digital asset; it’s a gateway to a diverse range of products and services. Embrace the versatility of Dogecoin and enjoy a new way of transacting in the digital age!

How to pay with Dogecoin

For those wondering how to use Dogecoin, there four easy ways to buy stuff and pay with Dogecoin.

Pay directly to merchants that accept Dogecoin online and in-personPay bills with Dogecoin using BitPay Bill PaySpend DOGE like cash using the BitPay CardBuy gift cards with Dogecoin to use at Amazon, Walmart and other major companiesSend P2P Dogecoin payments through your crypto wallet

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Where can I spend Dogecoin? 50+ companies and stores that accept Dogecoin

Dogecoin accepted here! We’ve rounded up some of the most well-known companies that accept Dogecoin as payment. Use Dogecoin to buy stuff, dine, travel and pay for anything else you want. See all of merchants that accept Dogecoin and other cryptocurrencies in BitPay’s Merchant Directory. Extra tip: You can also donate Dogecoin and other crypto to your preferred nonprofit organizations. Learn how to donate crypto with BitPay.

Automotive, motorcycle and boat

Camper & Nicholsons
Camper & Nicholsons, the unrivaled authority in luxury yachting, has embraced the world of Dogecoin by enabling customers to purchase or charter their ultimate yacht using this digital currency. Experience the seamless fusion of opulence and innovation as you set sail towards your dreams with Dogecoin.Exclusive Automotive Group
Exclusive Automotive Group is the ultimate destination in Washington DC to purchase or lease a luxurious Aston Martin using Dogecoin, enabling customers to indulge in the ultimate driving experience.Infiniti of San Jose
Shop at INFINITI of San Jose with Dogecoin and experience the seamless luxury of purchasing top-notch INFINITI vehicles while embracing the future of digital currency.O’Gara Coach
O’Gara Coach, the ultimate destination for luxury car enthusiasts, accepts Dogecoin as payment for purchasing a new Bentley or pre-owned Bugatti, offering unparalleled certified Aston Martin service and repairs in Southern California.The Aviation Factory
The Aviation Factory is your go-to destination for all things aviation, where you can use Dogecoin to buy a diverse selection of aviation-themed products. From model planes to pilot gear, our store is the perfect place to make your crypto investments soar.TheArsenale
Shop at TheArsenale and embrace the future of mobility by purchasing the most exclusive Cars, Flying Cars, Motorbikes, Planes, and Boats with Dogecoin.

Charities and nonprofits

Against Malaria Foundation
Support the battle against malaria by shopping with Dogecoin at Against Malaria Foundation. Your cryptocurrency can make a difference by helping to provide life-saving mosquito nets.American Cancer Society
The American Cancer Society now accepts Dogecoin as payment, enabling customers to support cancer research, patient services, early detection, treatment, and education through their online platform.American Red Cross
Donate Dogecoin to the American Red Cross and help save lives every 8 minutes by supporting their emergency response efforts.Ayn Rand Institute
Shop at AynRand.org, the official website of the Ayn Rand Institute, and use your Dogecoin to purchase thought-provoking books and resources that delve into the philosophy of Ayn Rand.BitGive Foundation
BitGive Foundation is an innovative charity that allows customers to use Dogecoin to make charitable donations, transforming the way nonprofits and global philanthropy are backed.Crisis
Crisis, the national charity for people experiencing homelessness, accepts Dogecoin as payment, enabling customers to make a difference in ending homelessness by purchasing essential items and services.Crohn’s & Colitis Foundation
The Crohn’s & Colitis Foundation enables customers to contribute towards their mission of finding cures for Crohn’s disease and ulcerative colitis by accepting Dogecoin as payment for donations and merchandise.Electronic Frontier Foundation
Donate Dogecoin to the Electronic Frontier Foundation and support digital rights advocacy by purchasing merchandise, making donations, or becoming a member.GiveWell
GiveWell is a revolutionary merchant that accepts Dogecoin, empowering customers to make a significant difference by purchasing life-saving interventions and enhancing the well-being of those in need.Humane Society of Tampa Bay
Discover a wide range of pet supplies, contribute towards saving precious lives, and extend your support to the Humane Society of Tampa Bay by making payments with Dogecoin.San Francisco General Hospital Foundation
Donate to the San Francisco General Hospital Foundation with Dogecoin and support the heroic frontline workers at Zuckerberg San Francisco General Hospital and Trauma Center while purchasing essential healthcare supplies and services.Sea-Watch
Sea-Watch – a non-profit initiative dedicated to civil sea rescue in the central Mediterranean – now accepts Dogecoin as payment, allowing customers to support their life-saving mission by purchasing merchandise and making donations.The Met
The Met provides a captivating cultural expedition like no other, as you delve into a diverse assortment of art from various corners of the world, spanning over 5,000 years.Thorn
Thorn is a merchant dedicated to eradicating child sexual exploitation, and by paying with Dogecoin, customers can contribute to their noble cause and assist children in reclaiming their childhood.

Fashion and clothes

Purchase a pair of incredibly cozy handmade shoes with Dogecoin. These shoes are influenced by the minimalist Bauhaus style and meticulously crafted using the finest European leathers. Designed in Berlin and skillfully handmade in Porto.L.G.R
Shop for stylish sunglasses and optical frames with durable mineral glass lenses at L.G.R, a merchant that accepts Dogecoin as payment for their exquisite eyewear collection.McCarthy Uniforms
McCarthy Uniforms provides a hassle-free shopping experience where customers can use Dogecoin to buy top-notch school uniforms and accessories.Pacsun
Pacsun, the go-to place for fashionable denim, cargos, graphics, and more, now accepts Dogecoin as payment, enabling customers to easily buy their favorite fashion pieces while earning a $5 Reward towards their next trendy outfit as a PacSun Rewards member.Plus
PLUS, the ultimate destination for sneakerheads and streetwear enthusiasts, allows customers to pay with Dogecoin for exclusive sneakers, streetwear, collectibles, and sought-after products like Nike Jordans, Adidas Yeezy’s, VLONE, Anti Social Social Club, Supreme, Pokemon Cards, and much more.Ralph Lauren
Ralph Lauren in the Miami Design District offers customers the opportunity to explore their sophisticated styles and make purchases using Dogecoin, providing a fresh and hassle-free approach to connect with the brand.Jomashop
Jomashop.com, the ultimate destination for luxury goods, allows customers to effortlessly pay with Dogecoin for a wide range of products including watches, handbags, sunglasses, apparel, beauty products, shoes, pens, and more, all while enjoying fast shipping and exceptional customer service.RoomsToGo
RoomsToGo is the ultimate destination for Dogecoin enthusiasts to effortlessly purchase affordable and high-quality home furniture, either online or at one of their 150+ stores nationwide, with fast and convenient delivery options.

Crypto hardware and services

BitGo, the reliable merchant, enables customers to pay with Dogecoin for a diverse array of products and services, providing secure custody and financial solutions to investors and builders.Chainalysis
Shop at Chainalysis with Dogecoin and confidently engage with cryptocurrency while purchasing cutting-edge blockchain analytics and compliance solutions.CoolWallet
CoolWallet – The hardware wallet that allows you to securely store and manage your Dogecoin, enabling you to effortlessly purchase and store a wide range of products and NFTs in the Web3 universe.KeepKey
The ultimate hardware wallet for Dogecoin users, allowing you to securely store and spend your Dogecoin on a wide range of products and services while keeping your assets safe from cyber threats.Ledger
Ledger – The ultimate security solution for your Dogecoin and other cryptocurrencies, ensuring a worry-free experience while purchasing anything from Bitcoin to Monero.ZenLedger
Pay for your crypto tax software with Dogecoin at ZenLedger, the ultimate solution for tracking gains, generating tax forms, and supporting over 400+ exchanges.Cryptohopper
With Cryptohopper, customers can effortlessly trade their Dogecoin for various cryptocurrencies using the best automated trading bot in the market, ensuring convenience, power, and security.

Watches and jewelry

Ace Jewelers
Ace Jewelers is a renowned Amsterdam-based merchant that offers customers the opportunity to use their Dogecoin for purchasing exquisite luxury watches from leading brands such as Omega, IWC, Breitling, and many others.Amsterdam Vintage Watches
Amsterdam Vintage Watches presents an enchanting assortment of the most exquisite timepieces from Rolex, Patek Philippe, Audemars Piguet & Cartier, providing customers the option to purchase their timeless treasures using Dogecoin.Baunat
Shop at BAUNAT with Dogecoin and explore a breathtaking assortment of top-notch jewelry, relish unparalleled prices, exclusive designs, a hassle-free 30-day return policy, a remarkable 20-year warranty, and complimentary shipping.Bomberg
Bomberg, the ultimate destination for those seeking boundless adventure and rebellion, offers customers the opportunity to pay with Dogecoin for their stunning collection of avant-garde watches.CRM Jewelers
Shop for luxury watches and jewelry from CRM Jewelers in Miami, Florida, using Dogecoin, and indulge in brands like Rolex, AP, Hublot, Richard Mille, Patek Philippe, and more, with a global clientele of over 1M fans and customers from 170+ countries.DavidSW
DavidSW is a reputable merchant offering a wide selection of authentic luxury timepieces at unbeatable prices, now accepting Dogecoin as a payment option.Hublot
Hublot, the renowned Swiss watchmaker, embraces the “Art of Fusion” to bring you exquisite timepieces that can be purchased with Dogecoin, allowing customers to experience the perfect blend of traditional Swiss craftsmanship and cutting-edge technology.Jewelry Affairs
Shop at Jewelry Affairs, the family online jewelry store based in New York City, where you can use Dogecoin to purchase exquisite necklaces, earrings, bracelets, rings, charms, and more in gold and silver, all with free worldwide shipping and the most competitive prices on top-notch jewelry.L.G.R
Shop for stylish sunglasses and optical frames with durable mineral glass lenses at L.G.R, a merchant that accepts Dogecoin as payment for their exquisite eyewear collection.Maison Birks
Shop at Maison Birks with Dogecoin and indulge in their exquisite collection of luxury jewelry, engagement rings, watches, and accessories, allowing you to celebrate life’s special moments with elegance and style.Marc Gebauer
Shop for exclusive luxury watches from top brands like Rolex, Audemars Piguet, Patek Philippe, and Richard Mille at Marc Gebauer, where you can pay with Dogecoin for a seamless and secure shopping experience.Mene
Mene is a merchant that enables customers to purchase their 24 karat gold and platinum investment jewelry™ using Dogecoin. They provide a transparent buying experience that focuses on the weight of the jewelry in grams, highlighting the enduring value of these timeless pieces.Stephen Silver
Stephen Silver Fine Jewelry, a renowned jewelry house, offers customers the convenience of paying with Dogecoin for their exclusive designs and handpicked timepieces from prominent independent brands such as MB&F, Bovet, Richard Mille, and many others.SuperJeweler
Shop SuperJeweler.com today with Dogecoin and treat yourself to a dazzling assortment of diamond engagement rings, wedding bands, promise rings, diamond studs, and more, all at unbeatable prices.Taabo Imports
Shop at Taabo Imports and pay with Dogecoin to explore a world of exclusive and ethically sourced African art, jewelry, and home decor.TrueFacet
TrueFacet is the ultimate marketplace for buying, selling, and trading-in fine timepieces and accessories. Discover a wide selection of luxury watches and jewelry from top brands like Rolex, Tiffany & Co., Cartier, and Omega, and conveniently pay with Dogecoin.Urwerk
Urwerk, the visionary watchmaker, stays ahead of the curve by embracing the spirit of our times and accepting Dogecoin as payment. This enables customers to acquire their exquisite Haute Horlogerie time machines using the popular cryptocurrency, Dogecoin.Wrist Aficionado
Wrist Aficionado, the ultimate destination for luxury watches, now accepts Dogecoin as payment, allowing customers to purchase exquisite timepieces from renowned brands like Rolex, Richard Mille, Audemars Piguet, and Patek Philippe with ease.


Adafruit Industries
Shop at Adafruit Industries with Dogecoin and discover their extensive selection of one-of-a-kind and entertaining DIY electronics, kits, tools, sensors, books, wearables, 3D printing, robotics, and more, catering to all your creative endeavors and STEM education requirements.Mackabler.dk
Mackabler.dk offers a diverse selection of products for Apple, Mac, iPhone, and iPad, providing customers with a convenient way to purchase their Mac, iPhone, and iPad essentials using Dogecoin.Maingear
At Maingear, pay with Dogecoin to unlock a world of custom-built PCs, gaming laptops, SFF, and media center PCs, all backed by exceptional customer service.Newegg
Unleash your tech creativity and pay with Dogecoin at Newegg, the ultimate destination for laptop & PC gaming, PC parts, PC building, and more, with speedy shipping and top-rated customer service!OnlineCarStereo
OnlineCarStereo offers customers the opportunity to pay with Dogecoin for the best deals on top-quality car stereo and car audio/video products, such as car subwoofers, car amplifiers, car speakers, and electronics.Overclockers UK
Overclockers UK, the ultimate destination for PC enthusiasts, now accepts Dogecoin as payment, allowing customers to purchase top-of-the-line components and peripherals for their custom-built gaming rigs.SCAN UK
Shop at SCAN UK with Dogecoin and discover a wide range of computer hardware and PC components to assemble your dream gaming setup, unleash captivating visuals, compose melodious tunes, or masterfully edit videos.Sonic Electronix
Shop car stereos, car speakers, and other car electronics with Sonic Electronix, the #1 Car Audio Authorized Experts, and pay with Dogecoin to enjoy fast and free shipping, discounted custom install dash kits, and vehicle-specific custom car sub boxes for popular autos and brands.The Pi Hut
The Pi Hut, the ultimate Raspberry Pi & maker superstore, accepts Dogecoin as payment, allowing customers to purchase a diverse selection of Raspberry Pi products and accessories from top-notch brands, with the added convenience of next day delivery.

Gaming, Sports and Entertainment

Dish TV
Pay with Dogecoin to unlock a world of entertainment, from the best value in TV with a 3-year price guarantee to cutting-edge technology and exceptional customer service.SlingTV
SlingTV, the ultimate streaming service, allows customers to pay with Dogecoin and enjoy a diverse selection of live TV channels, including ESPN, TNT, TBS, and many others, at an incredible value.Blankos Block Party
Blankos Block Party is an immersive multiplayer universe where you can pay with Dogecoin to buy and collect unique digital characters called Blankos.Blocklete Games
Blocklete Games is a cutting-edge online gaming platform that allows users to utilize their Dogecoin to acquire virtual sports collectibles and engage in exhilarating blockchain-driven games.Chess.com
Chess.com is a renowned online chess platform where Dogecoin users can indulge in free games with a vast community of players, providing an ideal space for chess enthusiasts to exhibit their expertise and participate in amicable rivalries.Gamesplanet
Games Planet is a vibrant online merchant where gamers can easily purchase and instantly download their beloved games using Dogecoin, unlocking a universe of entertainment possibilities.Imperia Online
Imperia Online, a renowned online gaming platform, offers customers the option to pay with Dogecoin for in-game purchases, opening up a realm of virtual kingdoms, thrilling battles, and strategic conquests.Playasia
Playasia is a versatile online merchant where customers can use their Dogecoin to purchase a wide range of products including import video games, digital codes, iTunes cards, PSN cards, movies, music, electronics, computers, software, books, apparel, personal care items, toys, and much more.Real Time Games
Real Time Games is an innovative merchant that offers gamers the opportunity to use Dogecoin for purchasing virtual worlds, immersive experiences, and thrilling adventures.Unikrn
At Unikrn, the ultimate destination for Dogecoin enthusiasts, you can use your Dogecoin to purchase exclusive merchandise, bet on esports events, and access a wealth of up-to-date news, fixtures, results, stats, and odds.Twitch
Dogecoin enthusiasts can purchase exclusive gaming merchandise, subscribe to their favorite streamers, and unlock premium content.AMC Theatres
AMC Theatres, the go-to place for movie enthusiasts, now accepts Dogecoin as payment, enabling customers to purchase movie tickets, explore trailers, and discover showtimes for the latest releases.Dallas Mavericks
The Dallas Mavericks, a professional basketball team, offers customers the convenience of using Dogecoin to purchase tickets, merchandise, and concessions at their games.Sacramento Kings
Shop official Sacramento Kings merchandise and game tickets using Dogecoin, the fun and friendly cryptocurrency, on the NBA’s official website.

Real estate

Idoneus, the pioneering luxury merchant, offers customers a seamless experience to acquire and indulge in high-end assets using Dogecoin, while transforming the notion of value with their distinctive smart currency, IDON.Cypress Title
Cypress Title, an innovative merchant, offers customers a seamless payment experience with Dogecoin for a diverse selection of top-notch electronic components and solutions.Burnet Title
Burnet Title, the reliable title and closing agency, now accepts Dogecoin as payment, enabling customers to effortlessly acquire their dream homes, properties, and real estate services.Clear Title Group
Clear Title Group is a reputable real estate title and closing company based in South Florida. We are proud to offer our customers the convenience of purchasing their dream properties using Dogecoin, a widely accepted and popular cryptocurrency.Cornerstone Title
Cornerstone Title enables customers to effortlessly pay for real estate transactions with Dogecoin, providing a diverse array of services including title insurance, escrow services, and closing coordination.First California Escrow
First California Escrow, the leading merchant for real estate transactions, now accepts Dogecoin as payment, enabling customers to seamlessly buy residential and commercial properties in Los Angeles and San Diego.Guardian Title Agency
Guardian Title Agency, the trusted destination for real estate transactions, offers customers a seamless payment experience with Dogecoin for an extensive selection of residential and commercial properties in Denver, Boulder, and Colorado Springs.Lodgis
Lodgis, the premier real estate agency in Paris, offers customers a seamless payment experience for their desired furnished apartment rentals using Dogecoin. With an extensive collection of over 5,000 lavish flats and apartments, customers have a wide range of options to choose from.Sunbelt Title
Sunbelt Title Agency, the leading merchant for real estate transactions, now accepts Dogecoin as payment, enabling customers to effortlessly purchase residential and commercial properties.West Coast Escrow
West Coast Escrow, the leading escrow service provider in Southern California, has recently expanded its payment options to include Dogecoin. This integration enables customers to effortlessly and securely acquire real estate services throughout Los Angeles, San Diego, Orange County, Riverside County, and Ventura County.

Travel and leisure

Your gateway to the world, where you can effortlessly book affordable flights to the Baltics, Middle East, and Europe using Dogecoin, ensuring seamless travel experiences.Cielo Aviation
Cielo Aviation, a premier private jet charter company, offers customers the opportunity to pay with Dogecoin for extraordinary travel adventures to breathtaking destinations.Crypto Cruise Deals
Crypto Cruise Deals is a top choice for military personnel to pay with Dogecoin and enjoy unbeatable discounts, exclusive onboard credits, perks, and a wide range of cruise deals.Cryptoturismo
Cryptoturismo offers crypto enthusiasts the opportunity to pay with Dogecoin for one-of-a-kind travel experiences. With a diverse selection of destinations and activities, customers can embark on unforgettable adventures using their favorite cryptocurrency.EOM Travel
EOM Travel, a leading destination for wanderlust, allows customers to pay with Dogecoin for unforgettable travel experiences, from cozy accommodations to exciting adventures around the world.Fast Private Jet
Fast Private Jet allows customers to pay with Dogecoin for exclusive and affordable travel itineraries designed by experienced agents who prioritize customer satisfaction and luxury.Flight Centre
Book your dream vacation with Flight Centre using Dogecoin, and explore a world of endless travel possibilities with their wide range of international websites.GetYourGuide
GetYourGuide enables customers to pay with Dogecoin for a diverse selection of sightseeing tours, attractions, excursions, and enjoyable activities worldwide. This platform simplifies the process of exploring and saving money while also providing support to local suppliers.Greenbelt Outdoors
Greenbelt Outdoors is Austin’s premier destination for self-served inflatable kayak, packraft, and paddleboard rentals, offering customers the opportunity to pay with Dogecoin and embark on unforgettable adventures on the stunning waters of Texas.JetFinder
JetFinder is a leading private jet charter service that provides customers with a hassle-free way to book on-demand flights using Dogecoin, ensuring a lavish and smooth travel experience.LunaJets
LunaJets, the leading private jet company, provides unbeatable prices for on-demand charter flights worldwide, enabling customers to pay with Dogecoin and indulge in the epitome of luxury travel.Monarch Air
Monarch Air Group takes your travel experience to new heights by providing a seamless way to pay with Dogecoin for chartering or renting a private jet, guaranteeing a luxurious and stress-free journey.PrivateFly
PrivateFly is a high-end travel merchant that offers customers the opportunity to pay with Dogecoin for exclusive access to Jet Cards, premium private jet charter, and expert advice from their safety-certified aircraft network.Qeeq
Qeeq, a leading travel booking platform, allows customers to effortlessly pay with Dogecoin for flights, hotels, and car rentals, revolutionizing the way we explore the world.Safari Guru
Safari Guru, a top destination for adventure seekers, allows customers to pay with Dogecoin for unforgettable wildlife safaris, thrilling expeditions, and immersive cultural experiences.Safari Tulum
Shop at Safari Tulum with Dogecoin and immerse yourself in a tropical haven, acquiring a wide range of fashionable beach attire and sustainable mementos.Simply Jet
Simply Jet allows customers to pay for their private jet charters effortlessly with Dogecoin, offering a seamless booking experience for luxury travel at any time and from anywhere.The D Hotel
The D Hotel & Casino Las Vegas is the perfect destination for a memorable Downtown Las Vegas adventure. Customers can now use Dogecoin to pay for their comfortable rooms, delicious dining options, thrilling entertainment, and exciting gaming experiences.The Yacht Break
Indulge in the epitome of opulent sailing vacations in Croatia with The Yacht Break, where you can conveniently transact with Dogecoin and select from a variety of bareboat, skipper, or crewed alternatives tailored to your desires.

Gold and precious metals

American Gold Exchange
At American Gold Exchange, customers can conveniently pay with Dogecoin to purchase a wide range of gold and silver coins and bullion, including select pre-1933 U.S. gold coins in Mint State grades, all while enjoying live pricing, affordable rates, and exceptional service.APMEX
APMEX, the top online bullion retailer, provides customers with the chance to purchase gold, silver, platinum, and palladium bullion using Dogecoin, offering a secure and convenient method to expand their investment portfolio.Bullion Exchanges
Bullion Exchanges, the top retailer for precious metals, offers customers the convenience of paying with Dogecoin for a diverse selection of gold, silver, platinum, palladium, rare coins, and bars. They also provide real-time prices in the USA.Global Vault Group
Global Vault Group is an innovative merchant that offers customers a secure payment option with Dogecoin. Our platform allows customers to purchase a diverse selection of valuable assets, ranging from precious metals to rare collectibles and luxurious high-end goods.Goud999
Buy and sell physical precious metals with Dogecoin at Goud999, one of the largest traders in the Benelux region!JM Bullion
JM Bullion is a BBB Accredited merchant where customers can use Dogecoin to purchase gold, silver, and platinum bullion online with immediate delivery and enjoy free shipping on orders over $199.MintBuilder
MintBuilder is an innovative merchant that offers customers the convenience of using Dogecoin to purchase a diverse selection of top-notch precious metals and rare coins. This platform is ideal for crypto enthusiasts seeking to expand their investment portfolio.Moro
Moro is an innovative merchant that enables customers to conveniently buy gold online using Dogecoin, providing round-the-clock accessibility and global delivery.One Gold
One Gold is a merchant that offers customers a secure platform to purchase and store physical gold and silver using Dogecoin, providing a convenient and confidential way to invest in precious metals.Provident Metals
Shop at Provident Metals with Dogecoin and invest in precious metals like gold and silver, diversifying your portfolio while embracing the future of digital currency.SD Bullion
SD Bullion is the ultimate destination for buying gold, silver, and platinum bullion coins and bars online using Dogecoin. We provide swift and secure shipping, ensuring your precious metals reach you in no time. Enjoy the most competitive prices in the market when you shop with us.Sharps Pixley
Sharps Pixley, the esteemed merchant, provides customers with the chance to buy gold bars and coins like Degussa, Britannia, Sovereign, Maple, and Krugerrand using Dogecoin, whether in their London showroom or via their online store.

Software and web services

AltusHost is a state-of-the-art European web hosting provider where customers can easily pay with Dogecoin to access a diverse array of services, including web hosting, reseller hosting, VPS, and dedicated servers.ExpressVPN
ExpressVPN is a top-notch VPN provider that accepts Dogecoin as payment, enabling customers to purchase private and secure internet access globally on any device for a risk-free period of 30 days.Fan Studio
Fan Studio is an innovative online marketplace where Dogecoin holders can buy exclusive fan merchandise and digital collectibles from their beloved artists and creators.Gandi
The only destination for managing your online presence, offering a seamless experience to pay with Dogecoin for services like website management, email hosting, SSL certificates, and VPS servers.HackerOne
HackerOne, the world’s largest community of trusted ethical hackers, enables customers to pay with Dogecoin for bug bounty, VDP, security assessments, attack surface management, and pentest solutions, minimizing the risk of security incidents.HOSTKEY
HOSTKEY is an innovative merchant that enables customers to make payments with Dogecoin for a diverse array of services such as bare metal dedicated servers, GPU dedicated and VPS servers, private cloud solutions, and round-the-clock technical support in the Netherlands and the USA.Mailbird
Mailbird now accepts Dogecoin as payment, allowing customers to effortlessly purchase and manage multiple accounts while enjoying a seamless and visually stunning email experience.MovoCash
MovoCash enables customers to conveniently pay with Dogecoin for a diverse selection of products and services, ranging from everyday essentials to exciting adventures, making it the go-to merchant for Dogecoin enthusiasts.Namecheap
Namecheap: Effortlessly pay with Dogecoin to register your domain names and experience round-the-clock assistance, providing a diverse selection of budget-friendly choices with over 16 million domains under management.Nexusguard
Nexusguard, the top provider of DDoS protection, now accepts Dogecoin as payment. This enables customers to easily purchase cloud services, managed DDoS protection platforms, and professional training courses.Onfido
Safely verify your digital identity and make secure purchases with Dogecoin, allowing you to buy products and services from hundreds of businesses online.Private Internet Access
Private Internet Access is a highly regarded VPN service that enables customers to pay with Dogecoin, providing lightning-fast speeds, global streaming servers, and 100% open-source software for a secure and private internet experience.Shells
The cloud-based workspace where you can pay with Dogecoin to unlock your own private virtual desktop environment and seamlessly access your files, apps, and productivity tools from anywhere.Thexyz
The ultimate email hosting service that lets you pay with Dogecoin, offering secure and private communication for businesses and families, complete with mobile sync apps for calendar, contacts, tasks, and notes.TradingView
TradingView is a dynamic platform where traders and investors can use their Dogecoin to access powerful charts, engage in market discussions, and make informed trading decisions.Vertex Labs
Shop at Vertex Labs and pay with Dogecoin to unlock a world of innovative tech gadgets, from virtual reality headsets to smart home devices.Vultr
Vultr, the globally renowned cloud hosting provider, allows customers to effortlessly pay with Dogecoin for their brilliantly fast SSD VPS cloud servers.CyberGhost VPN
Pay for online privacy with Dogecoin at CyberGhost VPN, the leading VPN service in 2023, and unlock access to 8106 servers for top-notch protection on all devices.FrootVPN
FrootVPN, the leading VPN provider, enables customers to pay with Dogecoin for secure and private online browsing, guaranteeing utmost anonymity.

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Pay off any bill with Dogecoin

Experience the freedom of paying bills without traditional payment rails. Make bill payments on everything from credit cards to mortgages, all with the convenience and smooth experience of Litecoin transactions. Pay straight from your DOGE wallet – no banks or wires needed.

Payments can be made from the BitPay app or online via the BitPay website. Get the app or create your free account online to get started.

Get the App or Connect on Web to Pay Bills with DOGE

Get Started

Buy Gift Cards with Dogecoin

Buy gift cards for your favorite brands with DOGE

Gift cards are an easy way to buy stuff with Dogecoin online or in-store. BitPay gives Dogecoin users a quick and safe way to buy gift cards with crypto. With 100+ gift cards to choose from, there is an endless amount of places where you can use Dogecoin and things you can buy with Dogecoin.

Popular gift cards you can buy with Dogecoin include:

AmazonWalmartDoorDashUberGoogle PlayUber EatsSony PlayStationXboxHotels.comHome DepotWhole Foods MarketNintendo eShopAirbnbDomino’sLowe’s

Use the BitPay app or BitPay Chrome crypto extension to buy gift cards with Dogecoin. Use them instantly or store inside the BitPay app to use on to go.

Send to Dogecoin to Another Wallet (P2P Transaction)

If you want to send Dogecoin to a friend or you know the wallet address of someone you want to pay, sending Dogecoin straight from your BitPay Wallet is safe and easy. Also known as peer-to-peer transactions (P2P), sending from wallet to wallet is a secure and direct way to use Dogecoin.

How to send Dogecoin in the BitPay Wallet

Open the BitPay Wallet appClick on your Dogecoin walletClick “Send”Enter the wallet address you want to send to (Alternatively, scan the receiver’s QR code)Enter the amount of Dogecoin you want to sendConfirm payment details and slide to send

BitPay Card: The Best Way to Spend Dogecoin like Cash

Use Dogecoin like cash with the BitPay Card

The BitPay Card is the most flexible way to pay with Dogecoin. Where can you spend Dogecoin with the BitPay Card? Pretty much anywhere. The crypto debit card works like other debit cards. But instead of pulling funds from your bank account, you load the card from your Dogecoin wallet. Use it at any store or merchant that accepts Mastercard. You can even use it at ATMs around the world to convert Dogecoin into cash. No exchange needed.

We’ve temporarily paused new BitPay Card applications while we improve the crypto debit card program. Join our waitlist to get updates.

Now that you know how to use Dogecoin, where to use Dogecoin and the different ways to spend Dogecoin, there’s nothing left to do but keep pushing Dogecoin to the mainstream.

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