Your December Newsletter for All Things BitPay and Crypto

Welcome to our final newsletter of 2023! Get ready for some exciting updates from our team at BitPay, including new merchants joining the world of cryptocurrency. Let’s dive into this month’s highlights, plus some highlights from the exciting year we’ve all enjoyed in 2023.

In This Issue:

BitPay in the News

Check out the latest news from BitPay this month:

BitPay CEO Stephen Pair is featured in MoonPay’s Founder Fridays series (MoonPay)BitPay’s new Bill Pay service is spotlighted, discussing how it enables mortgage and bill payments using various cryptocurrencies, including SHIB, BTC, and ETH ( BitPay Wallet is ranked as a top 10 crypto wallet for its significance and performance in the competitive crypto wallet market ( is recognized as one of the top blockchain-integrated fintech companies in 2023, recognizing its role as a payment service provider that enables merchants to accept Bitcoin payments (Blockchain Magazine)

BitPay 2023 Highlights

BitPay released a ton of new features and announced several exciting partnerships in 2023. 

BitPay Partners with MoonPay: Revolutionizing Crypto PurchasesLightning Network Strikes BitPay: A Leap Forward in Crypto Transaction SpeedBitPay and ZenLedger Join Forces: Simplifying Crypto Tax ReportingFashion Meets Fintech: Ralph Lauren Accepts Crypto in the Design District with BitPayBitPay Teams Up with Ramp: Streamlining Fiat-to-Crypto TransactionsIntroducing BitPay Send: Revolutionizing Global Payroll and Payouts with CryptoBitPay and Banxa Partnership: Making Fiat-to-Crypto Conversion EasierBitPay Supports PayPal USD: Bridging Digital and Traditional FinanceFerrari Accelerates into Crypto, Accepts Payments via BitPayPay Your Bills with Crypto: BitPay’s Innovative Bill Pay Feature

Stay in the Know

The latest insights from the BitPay Blog:

Dive into the complex world of blockchain forks and their impact on cryptocurrencyExplore the historical significance and market effects of past Bitcoin halvingsDiscover the ultimate guide to crypto gifting with BitPay’s comprehensive gift guideFind out where you can spend your Dogecoin in this informative guideLearn how to revolutionize your holiday shopping using cryptocurrency

Coming Soon: Best of BitPay Awards 2023

We’re celebrating all of the innovating brands, retailers, and organizations that accept cryptocurrency! Whether you’re a current merchant or avid customer, we want to hear from YOU! You’ll have the opportunity to nominate and vote for the businesses embracing crypto payments.

Product Focus: Crypto-funded Gift Cards

Still hung up on holiday shopping? BitPay’s gift card offering brings the top brands and retailers to the crypto community, giving spenders a fast, convenient, and secure way to spend cryptocurrency as easily as cash.

→ Read more about the gift cards you can buy via BitPay

Crypto Giving: Donate Before Years End

There is still time to contribute, donate, and give using your cryptocurrency! Why donate crypto?

More of your donation goes to the cause, not payment processingCrypto donations remain private (if you want them to be)Crypto donations are tax deductible and are exempt from capital gains taxes

Make sure to give before the end of 2023 if you want to take advantage of the tax benefits.

→ See how you can donate with crypto

Questions to Ask Your Payment Processor

Don’t risk partnering with the wrong crypto payments provider. Arm yourself with the right questions to ask when vetting potential partners.

Question #24: What is their speed of settlement?

Read the overview here or download our expanded guide of questions to help spot a reliable and trustworthy crypto partner.

→ Get the e-book

Bitcoin Halving Countdown

The Bitcoin halving is slated to take place in April 2024. With the upcoming Bitcoin halving event, merchants have a unique opportunity to capitalize on the increased interest in Bitcoin spending. By accepting Bitcoin payments through BitPay, merchants can tap into a growing customer base and benefit from the potential surge in Bitcoin transactions. Don’t miss out on this chance to stay ahead of the curve and sign up with BitPay today.

Word of the Month: Bitcoin ETF

A Bitcoin ETF is a fund that offers investors exposure to Bitcoin. Shares of the fund represent ownership of something Bitcoin-related. They have a ticker symbol and can be traded on an exchange like an individual stock. 

The main difference between a Bitcoin ETF and a traditional ETF involves the asset(s) that underlie the ETF shares. Most funds hold a basket of stocks or bonds. Bitcoin ETFs hold Bitcoin or assets that correlate to Bitcoin. Futures ETFs hold futures contracts, or bets on the price of Bitcoin. A spot Bitcoin ETF would hold only Bitcoin.  

Travel with Crypto

BitPay Travel is now open to all! In collaboration with Xeni, BitPay Travel allows crypto users to pay for flights, hotels, rental cars, and activities with their cryptocurrency. Get great prices on all of your travel bookings and get the added benefit of paying straight from your cryptocurrency wallet.

→ Start using BitPay Travel

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